To tell the stories of Co-operative Regenerations is to talk about work, courage and rebirth.

Work: it is the main value that WBO processes choose to protect, by safeguarding jobs and the future of employees. Defending work means finding an alternative and sustainable way to go when crises threaten the survival of businesses. But it also means, at the moment of the creation of the WBO, to think again, by changing organizational dynamics and production practices.

Courage: that of the workers who have chosen to invest personal resources to create a new entrepreneurial entity, a co-operative to join as members. The courage to change skin and get involved with a role never played before.

The rebirth: that of dozens of companies that have found the motivation to rethink and be reborn through a collective and supportive business model from which to start again.

Photographic content made with photographic material from Banca Etica

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